About Furious 7

Ok, let’s post this before it’s too late..

Last Sunday I had a double date with my sister. Let say it was a date because we planned to see a movie in theater with our husband, watched the movie in The Premiere for the first time so we can “leyeh-leyeh”, but just realized that it was not fit if you go with your boy/girlfriend or “dedemenan” alias duduk jauh-jauhan bok hahaha…

So this time I won’t write a review about the movie because I’m not a good movie reviewer, I just want to share my experience watching the movie Furious 7. Rumor said that this is the last movie of The Fast and The Furious franchise – not confirmed yet, but most importantly, this movie is the last movie of the late Paul Walker and this post will seem like a tribute to him, just as like as the movie.

I am one of the people who grew up watching his film, I knew his acting since I was in early high school, his acting in famous teenage movies at that time like She’s All That and The Skull. And who didn’t know The Fast and The Furious, the movie made a automotive trend in car in society, with the car modification refer from the movie and also affected to the life style. Time goes by and the movie continued the franchise from one to seven and I never missed any movie.

Few minutes after the Furious 7 begin, the atmosphere – especially for me – has become sad. There were scenes when Dom and Brian and family safe from house explosion, then Han’s funeral. This sadness surely related to the fact that the actor, Paul, has passed away on tragic accident, and how this movie finally released to honor him. Aside from the sadness and grief, Fast and Furious will always be the same with its high speed modified car, very well drive ability, car racing, impossible-to-possible car flying from plane and between three sky scrappers hehehe.. But mostly, the movie tells you about family, how to save them from danger and how important family is. My eyes were in tears when it came to the ending scene when the dedicated song played, one by one said words to Brian, to Paul. And the ending scene is how he drive the car toward the sky line. I covered my face with blanket because I couldn’t stop crying – yes, I’m that emotional. Even when I already leave the theater, the night after, two days after, I still feel the lost – yes I’m too emotional.

Surely you’re being missed Mr Paul Walker, though we only know you through your movie but we know you are a kind person.

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